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Far East Excellent Technology is about to implement the 7S management system

  • May 20, 2022

In order to further standardize the company's management, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel, and realize the re-upgrade of management, the company will upgrade from the original 5S to the upcoming 7S.

What is 7S management content?
Sorting: Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary items, and keep only necessary items on site.
Rectification: The necessities are placed in an orderly and orderly manner according to the prescribed positioning and method, and are clearly marked. Cleaning: Clear the dirt on the site and clear the material waste in the operation area.
Cleaning: Institutionalize and standardize the practice of sorting, rectifying, and cleaning, and maintain its results.
Literacy: Everyone operates according to the rules, acts according to the rules, develops good habits, and makes everyone a educated person.

Safety: The absence of danger is a unique attribute of safety, so it can be said that safety is a state of absence of danger.

Thriving: It means saving, frugality.

The company has held a training meeting on 7S this week, explaining the work objectives, organizational structure, implementation plan, work requirements, etc., and requires the leaders of all departments of the company to study and organize carefully, and thoroughly understand the "7S" management work. Learn methods and implement them in place to achieve the goal of reducing waste, saving production costs and time costs, and improving quality and efficiency on the basis of ensuring a good office environment, efficient work efficiency and excellent service levels.

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