What are the safety technical specifications for CNC machining in the precision machining industry?

  • 2022-06-10 18:25:13

As we all know, production safety refers to the relevant activities that take corresponding accident prevention and measures in order to avoid accidents that cause personal injury and property loss in production and operation activities, so as to ensure the personal safety of employees and ensure the smooth progress of production and operation activities.

Then the CNC machining commonly used in the precision machining industry mainly has the following safety technical specifications,
1. CNC is a high-precision equipment, and the operating procedures must be strictly during operation.
2. It is strictly forbidden to put any tools, clamps, blade measuring tools, etc. on the CNC equipment.
3. It is strictly forbidden to touch each button switch without being familiar with the operation steps.
4. Do not start the machine tool to process parts without permission.
5. It is strictly forbidden to open the CNC system control cabinet without permission for viewing and touching.
6. The protective door must be closed when processing parts, and the protective door is not allowed to be opened during processing.
7. When machining parts, the operation steps must be strictly , and skipping steps are not allowed.
8. Except for program operation and program copying, other operations are not allowed on the CNC control microcomputer.

9. It is strictly forbidden to input the program that has not been verified by the teacher into the control computer for parts processing.

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